We Believe in Safety...

There is nothing more important to the Shooting Range Industry than safety. While in some businesses safety is the topic on a monthly meeting, at a Shooting Range it is the first concern of every minute the range is opened. Much of this concern is on the handling and discharge of fire arms and ammunition. But there are other safety issues that require the same diligence and principle among these is the risk of fire.

Gun powder, shredded paper, bullet traps, and hot rounds provide an ideal environment for a fire. Even the best maintained Ranges with meticulous cleaning still encounter fires. Usually these fires are small and can be contained, however there are exceptions…

At Range Protect Technology we think that the secret to safety lies in acting proactively to reduce the causes of Fire. We offer a full range of products designed to reduce the risks to your Range and your customers. Range Protect is here to help

 Five reasons why Range Protect Technology is important to you

1.     Safety is always on your mind and maintaining a safe Range is priority number 1
2.     Regardless of how careful you are in maintaining and cleaning the Range, the threat of fire still exists!
3.     The potential of fire presents a very real risk both to your customers and your investment
4.     The risk of fire represents a continuing escalation in your insurance costs
5.     Lack of preventative action may result in regulations, inspections, and general disturbances to both your business and customers

 Range Protect Technology

At Range Protect Technology we are committed to developing products which reduce the risks of fire at Shooting Ranges. We leverage over 30 years of fire resistance research and manufacturing experience from our parent company. We have improved on this technology to better meet the needs of the Shooting Range Industry. We firmly believe that the best practice is to address the areas of potential fire risk with Fire Retardant technology. Our products are independently tested and meet or exceed Local, State, and Federal Standards.