Range Guard.22


Range Guard.22 was specifically designed for Shooting Ranges to reduce the risk of ignition in Rubber Berm Bullet traps. Safety officials across the county have drawn attention to the risks of fire in rubber bullet traps. The implications of fire in the Bullet Trap are significant to both shooters and the range itself. RG.22 (Range Guard.22) is a two-part coating system designed for use as a Class A fire retardant coating over rubber bullet traps. RG.22 was tested under the ASTM E-108-11 method. When Range Guard.22 is exposed to extreme heat from lead and other bullet substrates, a protective layer of carbon foam develops and prevents the heat from transferring to the shredded rubber median and starting a fire. RG.22 comes in Light Grey.

Application Instructions

Range Guard.22 is a two-part system (4:1 ratio) packaged in 5- gallon kits. This packaging configuration allows the cross linker to be mixed directly into the resin container prior to use. Once RG.22 is well mixed, the product can be applied via airless spray equipment. Range Guard.22, after mixing, has a pot-life of 1-2 hrs. Details can be found on the product label. Products may not be diluted or altered prior to use. 



Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet