Range Guard.45


Fire is a constant concern for every Range Manager. Range Guard 45 (RG.45) has been engineered to address the Fire Resistance requirements of Rubber Bullet Traps. Our technology responds to the high temperature of spent rounds by isolating them away from the rubber material through a chemical process. This reduces the risk of fire. RG.45 has been tested and has a Class A rating for the ASTM E108-11 meeting both State and local requirement. Rubber Berm Bullet Traps have proven to be an extremely cost-effective solution for Shooting Ranges. Rubber Berms significantly reduce lead dust and bullet fragmentation providing a clean and safe Range. However, Rubber Bullet Traps do present a significant risk of fire.




  • RG.45 meets the ASTM E108-11 Class A standard established by States and Municipalities for Rubber Bullet traps

  • It is easy to apply with an Airless Sprayer used by painters

  • Our proven technology chemically surrounds hot rounds reducing the chance of fire

  • No harmful chemicals or gasses contained or released by RG.45

  • Effective as a fire retardant even after being struck repeatedly by bullets.

  • RG.45 is a cost-effective way to reduce liability on a new or existing Shooting Range

  • Protect your clients, Protect your Range with RG.45


RG 45 is a paint-like coating which is easily sprayed as the Bullet Trap is being constructed or services. The product comes in a dark grey color which does not interfere with Range optics or aesthetics. RG45 is sprayed on with airless spray equipment in a fast and easy process which ensure minimal disruption of the Range.  RG45 does not require any component mixing, just thoroughly stir and you are ready to spray.



Product Data Sheet

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