Safe Guard.50


The target shooting and hunting community prides itself on being safe and responsible with firearms in all situations — from using them outdoors to storing them safely at home. Sometimes, however, unusual conditions such as extremely dry environments require an extra level of awareness and safety on the part of shooters.

Wildfires have many possible causes and during dry and hot weather conditions shooters’ use of certain ammunition and targets could accidentally ignite a wildfire.

Safe Guard.50 (SG.50) is a fire retardant that is designed to address potential fire issues associated with Outdoor Shooting Ranges. Dry Grass, shrubs and other vegetation pose the risk of starting a Wild Fire during dry periods. Range Protect’s SG50 was designed specifically for these conditions. SG.50 protects the ignition zone of a gun range if hot lead or other bullet substrates come in contact with dry or flammable materials. SG50 is easily applied to area of concern with common landscaping spray equipment. The result is a long-lasting resistance to the spread of fire.


SG.50 is a passive fire retardant and is applied directly to vegetation on the Range and will remain active until exposed to rain or water. When the areas treated with SG.50 are exposed to fire or extreme heat, the vegetation or wood forms a carbon-char, which interferes with combustion and prevents fire from spreading.


The mixed product can be applied using a variety of equipment and techniques.A simple garden sprayer can be used to cover small areas. For larger areas, there are several industrial grade applicationpractices that can be used. Additional information is available by contacting


SG.50 is extremely easy to use and apply. It comes as a powder that is mixed into water at a ratio of one (1) pound of powder to one (1) gallon of water, prior to use. Once SG50 is mixed and added to a spray unit, it is ready to be applied. The SG50 is then sprayed on vegetation in a similar manner as weed control products.The product will evaporate where applied and will remain in this active until exposed to fire or removed by water. The product is composed of non-toxic materials and environmentally biodegradable.

Wildfire facts

  • WOW! Did you know that there are around 62,000 human-caused wildfires annually? Target shooters and hunters — Help prevent wildfires!

  • Firefighting costs from wildfires amounts to roughly $2 billion annually. Wildfires have many causes, don’t be one of them.

  • During dry and hot weather conditions use of certain ammunition and targets could accidentally ignite a wildfire. Help prevent wildfires!

  • Target shooters and hunters, as well as other outdoor enthusiasts, should consider the potential consequences of their activities in fire-prone environments. Help prevent wildfires!

  • Make it a point to know the regulations and rules related to shooting in areas experiencing dry and hot conditions. Help prevent wildfires!

  • Minimize the risk of fires by not using steel jacketed ammo, ammo with steel-core components, tracer rounds or exploding targets in fire prone areas. Help prevent wildfires!

  • Equipment, such as cars and ATVs, can have extremely hot exhaust systems that could ignite dry vegetation, so park only in designated areas. Help prevent wildfires!

  • Extinguish and dispose of smoking materials safely while shooting. Help prevent wildfires!